• Homelight Cash Offer is the way to win your dream home in a competitive market. We’ll make an all-cash offer for an 8-day close on your behalf, giving you negotiating leverage and an increased chance of winning.
  • You can make an all-cash offer on your dream home even if you need a loan to finance your purchase. We’ll make that all-cash offer on your behalf and close in 8 days, increasing your chance of winning.
  • Cash offers are 3x more likely to win and can get you a 5% savings, on average, versus offers with a loan.*

Based on Chauner, Bailey. “How to Win a Real Estate Bidding War.” Redfin, 22Nov. 2019, ​www.redfin.com/blog/win-bidding-war-on-house/

5 Simple Steps to Make Your Dream Home a Reality:

  1. Get Approved.
  2. Find your dream home.
  3. Make an all-cash offer.
  4. The offer is accepted.
  5. Take ownership and move in.

Please watch this short video to learn more about our great offer:

3 Reasons why clients love HomeLight Cash Offer

⭐ All-cash offers are 3x more likely to win.
⭐ On average, cash offer can get you a 5% savings.
⭐ Make an all-cash offer, even if you're financing your purchase with a loan.

Testimonial: Meet The Caraways

Ashleigh and Logan Caraway were ready for a home with more space but their offers kept getting rejected. With HomeLight Cash Offer, they were able to buy their perfect home, and they even got it for $15k less than asking.

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